After 2 days of feeling kind of, sort of sick, this afternoon I finally decided to take off and go home to rest.

[This is the embarrassing part]

I’m watching the Family Channel.

And I’m watching a show starring a Dog and a Dragon (as you do, when you’re 25).

And the entire episode is about finding some sort of special egg!

And the egg puns haven’t stopped. Here I provide you with a sample:

“no, the egggggg!!!” (when they lost the special egg)

“we’re too late, it’s sunny side up”

“the egg plan is scrambled, master”

….and then:

“mission eggcomplished”

“that’s all, yolks”

“time to make our eggcit”

I must say, I’m upset that I didn’t think of some of these myself. Look out for these and other egg puns in future e-mail and spoken communications.

‘Til neggst time.