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Poll results: When do students start looking for summer jobs?

We recently featured a poll on our homepage that asked students:

When did you start looking for your next summer job?

While a little less than one third of students (29%) said they were pro-active and started looking for their next summer job before the holidays, the vast majority – two thirds (67%) – of students were summer job hunting during the polling period, from January 21 through March 28.

A small minority of students, just 4%, said they weren’t going to start looking for their next summer job until later.


Do these results match up with the periods during which you recruit students for your summer jobs?


What do you think about these results? Have you experienced any success summer job hunting in January, February or March, or do you think the best summer jobs go to students who start searching in the fall?


Today we start a new poll the homepage, asking: What is most important to you in a summer internship?


  1. I wonder how many of the “Right Now” group just threw out that answer to avoid being counted in the “not looking until later” group and looking like slackers. Interesting study all the same!

  2. @Brian: It’s a completely anonymous poll, so I don’t think they’d be too worried about looking like slackers. It’s not surprising to us that students would be on TalentEgg looking for summer jobs. 🙂

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