From crazy winter weather to holiday hysteria, December can quickly turn into the most scrambled time of year.

For students, the last month of the year is especially busy – end of term is nigh, and between wrapping up courses, studying for exams and finishing final papers, they’re ready to crack.

This year, show students you care by supporting them them through the end of term season.

Top employer brands are authentic and sincere and these qualities manifest in the actions you take throughout the year.

Think of it this way: you build strong relationships on campus to ensure students feel valued by your organization. End of term is the perfect opportunity to underscore these efforts. By maintaining an active presence throughout key points in the campus experience, your brand demonstrates a genuine interest in student success.


It’s easy to feel discouraged during the end of term – finding the right attitude to get through exams and assignments can be tough, even for the most dedicated student.

Encourage Gen Y to do their best by leveraging your social media presence. Students may be living in the library during the month of December, but they still find time to check their social feeds.

Utilize your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels to broadcast motivational messages to students – quotes or images are easy to curate and fit into your existing social calendar. Try to schedule posts around key “studying” times (late in the evening, early in the morning) and keep your message positive and upbeat.

Check out a few past examples of #SunnySideUp posts we’ve shared on Facebook and Twitter:


Having something to look forward to can be the push people need to get through a hectic time. For many top students, getting through a successful end of term moves them one step closer to graduation – and one step closer to hatching a successful career at your company.

Give students something to look forward to by sending out a targeted email message! Direct email marketing engages student talent with your brand, promotes your open opportunities and communicates your recruitment objectives. Direct emails are just one of the services provides employers: we work with you to develop branded email campaigns, and send them to members of our student network on your behalf.

During end of term, these emails could feature a list of upcoming roles to watch out for with your organization or networking events to attend in the new year – the goal is to build anticipation, which is beneficial for students (a motivator) and your brand (effective buzz).


Everyone enjoys feeling appreciated, especially during busy or stressful times. Make student talent feel special by rewarding their hard work and dedication with an incentive program.

Working with internal players at your organization, develop a special discount or incentive to offer students on your products or services. Students always appreciate exclusive deals – honouring your commitment to their success will reflect favourably on your organization and keep your brand at the top of students’ employer wishlist.

Discussion:  How do you stay connected to talent throughout December?