As Canada’s population ages and Baby Boomers retire, healthy campus recruiting and retention will play an increasingly crucial role in balancing our labour issues and growing Canada’s economy.

At the 2013 CACEE National Conference in Edmonton on June 10th, 2013, TalentEgg founder Lauren Friese presented her vision for the future of attraction, recruitment and retention in Canada, and demonstrated what employers, career services staff and other key stakeholders need to do in order to create a healthy campus recruitment ecosystem, including how they view students, the quality of the candidate experience and creating a Gen Y-friendly workplace.

Below, you can find the slides and key takeaways from Lauren’s presentation, as well as tweets sent by audience members during the session:

Presentation slides:

[slideshare id=22921276&doc=talentegg-caceeedmontonjune2013-avisionforahealthycampusrecruitmentecosystemlf-cj-130613085346-phpapp01]


Key takeaways:

Why the campus recruitment ecosystem as it exists today is “unhealthy”:

  • Stakeholders working independently of one another
  • Lack of understanding of students and technology
  • School-based hiring practices (e.g., hiring only students from schools X, Y and Z)
  • Poor candidate experience
  • Youth unemployment and under-employment
  • Labour shortages and skills gaps

The 5 pillars of a healthy campus recruitment ecosystem:

  1. Integrated recruitment strategies
  2. Understanding students
  3. Key stakeholders working together
  4. Better candidate experience
  5. Positive employee experience

A Gen Y-friendly workplace:

  • More diversity (especially women) in leadership roles
  • Smaller offices, more flex arrangements
  • Work-life blending
  • Reduce email and meetings
  • Results-only work environment
  • Regular, immediate, social feedback

Note: You can read more about TalentEgg’s vision for a Gen Y-friendly workplace on The Globe and Mail.


Tweets from the audience:

Photo credit: Pierre Pocs