While virtually all campus recruiting strategies consider Gen Y’s needs and desires, an increasingly influential stakeholder is often overlooked – parents.

“The tide has changed – new grads no longer need to adjust to fit the company/employer but rather companies need to evaluate their employee value proposition to see if it fits the new grad,” says Paul Anthony Hamilton, an experienced talent acquisition leader.

On May 14th, at the 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards & Conference in Toronto, Paul will be sharing strategies on how campus recruiters can appeal to parents in campus recruitment. 

Until then, here is a sneak peek of what you can expect from Paul’s presentation on May 14th:

Paul Anthony HamiltonHow To Appeal To Parents In Campus Recruiting

Paul Anthony Hamilton
Experienced Talent Acquisition Leader


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Why are parents important stakeholders in the Gen Y recruitment process? What’s changed?

Paul: We have to realize that 42.4% of the Canadian working population is between the ages of 45-64. This group is often referred to as baby boomers or Generation X but they are also parents of Generation Y. The composition of today’s intergenerational workforce creates new complexities and challenges when it comes to recruiting, attracting and retaining talent.

Never before have parents been so involved in their children’s job search. They provide input in the companies their children target based on their years of experience. They influence Gen Y’s decisions with the lessons they have learned – the good, the bad and the indifferent.

What’s changed? It’s no longer about finding an organization that provides a 20+ year career or the best benefits package or the highest pay – parents are shifting the focus of the career conversation with their kids to items that really matter including cultural integration, core values and impact on society. Regardless of what the numbers indicate, Generation Y employees do one thing very well; they exercise their choice and today’s parents are encouraging this next wave of employees not to settle. Bottom line, parents know the new grad better than a professional campus recruiter ever will.

What benefits can campus recruiters gain by appealing to parents in campus recruiting?

Paul: Campus recruiters don’t need to appeal to parents, but they do need to think like one in terms of the questions they ask during an interview. They need to be far more transparent and provide a compelling work experience that is an investment in the new grad, while delivering on the value proposition that was presented up front.  It’s no longer about the flash in the pan approach or the one size fits all model.

What should campus recruiters expect to learn from your presentation?

Paul: I’ve interviewed many parents with kids who are about to graduate and they shared with me compelling information and data on why hiring their child or a new grad is RISKY business.

Based on the insight and intelligence, I believe campus recruiters will need to re-evaluate their approach with new graduates, revamp their offers packages and include a new stakeholder group in the discussion: parents!

What are you most looking forward to sharing?

Paul: I am most excited to share:

      • Why hiring a new grad should be a RISKY venture for the campus recruiter
      • The 5 factors parents assess when helping their child evaluate a potential employer
      • Stories/examples of top employers that are doing it right

Wondering why Generation Y will be a RISKY venture? RISKY is an acronym – learn what it stands for and many more best practices in campus recruitment at the 2014 TalentEgg National Campus Recruitment Excellence Awards and Conference.

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