Everybody wants to work somewhere fun and exciting and Millennials are no different.

Promoting your company culture is incredibly important when it comes to sourcing top millennial talent. Your recruitment strategy should highlight your organization’s key principles, allowing candidates to self-select and identify whether your organization would be the right fit for them.

You might think that you need a glamorous, high-tech space to appeal to a younger demographic, but this isn’t the case. You don’t need trendy tactics to attract Millennials – the best way to find talented people who share your company’s unique values and goals is to be authentic.

Here are four great ways to leverage your company culture to recruit top talent!


Millennials are a socially conscious generation. It’s a priority for them to feel like their work is making a difference in the world and they want their employer’s values to align with their own.

A company blog is an egg-cellent way to highlight your company’s achievements, both in and outside of the workplace. TalentEgg can also support your content goals by creating editorials that put your organization’s culture in the limelight.

Did your company just win an award for its internship program? Produce an article discussing the strategies that made it a success. Did your organization partner with a new non-profit this year? Talk about your upcoming plans! Demonstrating the impact your organization has on the community at large tells potential candidates a lot about your organization’s values and beliefs.

Employer Spotlight: Canadian Natural Resources Limited highlights their successful summer program with this student-focused article!

Social Media

Gen Y job seekers are looking for workplaces that are engaging, collaborative, and provide mentorship. Luckily, social media is the perfect place to showcase all three of these values.

Whether your workplace is a casual start-up or a more traditional corporate environment, you can use Instagram to highlight its most attractive qualities, such as eye-catching decor or sleek branding. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to attracting millennials – there are students and grads that value reputable and long standing businesses with a traditional proven approach as well as those that would prefer the culture of a younger bootstrapped organization.

You could also use Twitter to engage in conversation with students and grads, as well as provide useful advice for potential candidates. With social media, you can help job seekers really get to know your brand by providing insight that goes beyond the “About Us” basics.

Employer Spotlight: LoyaltyOne incorporated their Twitter feed into their TalentEgg profile! Check it out here!

TalentEgg Profile

Students and grads rely on TalentEgg because they know it’s the best place to engage with top employers and find meaningful entry-level employment. As a recruiter, creating a TalentEgg profile can help you position your organization as ‘millennial-friendly’ and market your job opportunities to a pool of top Gen Y talent.

For example, you could use your TalentEgg Profile to list company perks, benefits, and resources. This gives job hunters the info they want, while also sparking their interest in your company. Advertising on your own website can only get you so far. A TalentEgg Profile is a fantastic way to highlight your company culture and because we’re the reputable third party, students and grads trust us.

Employer Spotlight: KPMG highlights their employee benefits with fun graphics on their TalentEgg profile!


For students and grads, landing that first entry-level opportunity is a huge accomplishment. However, many young professionals are looking for more than just employment – they want to work with an organization that will support them and help them achieve their career goals.

Video is a very effective medium for connecting with millennials– and who better to represent your company culture than your employees? Consider creating short Q&A videos with new graduate employees where they discuss what they love about working for your company and their achievements. Inspiring success stories like these show students and new grads that your organization is a place where they can grow and thrive.

Employer Spotlight: Check out this video from EF Tours where three new grads share what they love about working for the company!

Even in this challenging job market, millennial applicants want more than just a paycheck from potential employers – they want a place that is fun, supportive, and fosters growth and learning. Whatever method you choose, showcasing your company culture can help you attract the best and brightest millennial candidates.

Discussion: What’s your company’s culture and how do you incorporate it into your recruitment strategy?