What does it take to be a leader in campus recruitment?

Is it hard work? Dedication? Creativity? From our experience, it takes a healthy dose of all three along with a secret ingredient: inspiration.

The following TalentEgg Award recipients are egg-ceptional at campus recruitment and there is plenty to be learned from their success. Hopefully, their achievements give you the spark you’re looking for to produce your own winning recruitment campaign.

1. Show your passion

Campus recruiting is all about generating a powerful, human connection between you and your talent pool, and the talent acquisition team at Bell is highly skilled in this area. In fact, it’s one of the key factors that nabbed them last year’s “Best Campus Recruiting Program” award.

Whether they’re providing recruitment tips on social media, or meeting with students face-to-face at a networking event, there is no denying the passion their campus recruiters have – not just for their company, but also for helping young potential candidates hatch their careers.

2. Provide unique opportunities

No intern or co-op student wants to be stuck doing the same menial tasks their entire work term. A placement is an opportunity for students and grads to get a sample of what their career has to offer, and the best programs do everything they can to cultivate that passion.

For example, at Accenture, interns get to participate in a variety of roles, as well as attend a three-day leadership conference outside of Chicago. The company also offers unique networking opportunities where students can strengthen their leadership skills and virtually connect with other outstanding students in Canada and the United States. With all of this and more, it’s no wonder their internship program was best in class at last year’s awards!

3. Focus on career growth

It’s important to show recent grads that their efforts will lead to what they want most: a long-term career. That’s why the most attractive company graduate programs offer more than just a paycheck – they provide an investment in their employees’ professional growth.

A highlight of Enterprise Holdings Management Training Program is the career path that is established from day one. Additionally, their self-described “promote-from-within” culture is highly appealing to new grads with their eyes on future leadership roles.

Tip: Applying for a TalentEgg Award? Consider using infographics to communicate your key benefits. This one from Enterprise clearly and effectively illustrates the potential career path for a Management Trainee.


4. Provide a wide variety of experiences

Many students and grads don’t know exactly what they want to do, so the opportunity to experience multiple roles within a company can be a huge plus.

The RBC Career Launch Program’s win in the “Best Contribution to Student Career Development” is a clear example of this. Our student judges really appreciated how this program helped its associates hone their strengths and explore their interests while also allowing them to develop a diverse network of industry contacts.

Remember – there is no one-size-fits-all approach to campus recruitment. Try new things, and get innovative, but at the end of the day, the key to success is to find the methods that make the most of what your organization has to offer.

Discussion: Who inspires your campus recruitment?