Recruiting talent for entry-level engineering roles?

Employers across different industries depend on engineers to drive progress and push their business forward, and they are looking for extraordinary young candidates to join their workforce.

Engineering students and grads are eager young professionals with ability, ambition and passion for their discipline. For campus recruiters scouting Gen Y engineers, this presents a unique challenge: how do you identify exceptional engineering candidates in a talent pool of highly-skilled, well-qualified prospects?

Attract engineering superstars to your organization by tailoring your screening, outreach and intake around Gen Y innovators. Here’s how:

What does a Gen Y innovator look like? 

Gen Y innovators are technically adept, proactive, resilient and curious about the world. They think on their feet and have the fortitude to generate new ideas in pursuit of improvement and growth. Individuals with these traits have the potential to become leaders in their profession, and can help to advance your industry and business.

Tip: Gen Y innovators often list notable experience on their resumes. Capstone projects, club involvements, engineering competitions (like the Canadian Engineering Competition) or case study competitions (like TalentEgg Challenges) can indicate innovator tendencies.

Why focus my recruiting efforts on Gen Y innovators? 

Gen Y innovators are able to think through key details while remaining focused on the bigger picture. They solve unique problems by blending creativity with a strategic approach, and are constantly striving for betterment.

Focusing your recruitment efforts on Gen Y innovators can have a significant ripple effect on your employer brand. Innovators want to work in a stimulating environment, surrounded by knowledgeable people who are dedicated to producing high-calibre work.

When you recruit innovators onto your team, they help to cultivate a culture of innovation where ideas are welcomed and employees are empowered to achieve excellence. Innovators elevate your organization’s profile as an industry leader and help to position your employer brand as the top choice for emerging Gen Y talent.

Case study: IBM’s focus on innovators can be seen throughout their TalentEgg employer profile. The company utilizes TalentEgg to broadcast its recruitment message out to an engaged talent network, and tailors their messaging to reflect the career motivators of Gen Y innovators–check out the “Why IBM?” tab to see this strategy at work.

What do Gen Y innovators look for in an employer brand? 

Gen Y innovators are highly sought after, so understanding what they want from an employer is crucial for any recruiter hoping to attract innovators to their organization.

On the outside, Gen Y innovators are not much different from their peers: they are looking for career opportunities that encourage them to learn, grow and challenge themselves professionally.

Innovators want to work in an environment where contribution, collaboration and change are valued and encouraged. They want to work for an employer who embraces individual differences, alongside like-minded people.

Tip: Inspiring video content is a great way to engage prospective talent with your brand. Encourage the engineers on your team to participate in featured video interviews: this will give Gen Y innovators an authentic look at life at your organization.

How can I identify Gen Y innovators from others in the talent pool?

Gen Y innovators are excited to work through complex problems and are motivated to get involved with opportunities that encourage their ingenuity. Give them an opportunity to deliver and expand on their skills by presenting them with a relevant technical challenge.

TalentEgg Challenges is an interactive career building platform enables you to screen potential applicants and cultivate a connection with engaged students and grads. For the students and grads who participate, real-world experience is built through the development of ideas and solutions. They are given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and your recruitment objectives (identify, target and attract Gen Y innovators) are met by seeing their work in action.

Orienting your recruitment efforts to include Gen Y innovators can impact your organization tenfold. Gen Y innovators can help to ensure the long-term viability of your business: their visionary skills and dedication can help your team build a better vision of the future.

Discussion: Does your industry place a lot of value on innovation?