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Major milestones at TalentEgg

You may have noticed a slowdown in updates here on the blog over the past few months. Well, it’s definitely not because we have nothing to write about – we’re just so busy doing so many things we hardly have time to sit down and write about them.

From Class to Career

TalentEgg now has its own column on GlobeCampus, The Globe and Mail’s site dedicated to undergraduate education in Canada. We usually post a new article once a week written either by Lauren, myself or one of our star contributors from the Incubator. We’ve even been featured on the globeandmail.com homepage every single week! Click here to check out From Class to Career.

The Hatch, a resource for campus recruiters by TalentEgg

In June we also launched The Hatch, which is an online resource on the “campus recruiting” industry for employers who recruit and hire students and recent grads. We update with new content three times each week, featuring industry news, trends and feedback from students and recent grads themselves.

Coming soon: Career resources for students and recent grads in BOOK form

We’re working on a downloadable e-book which will contain many of the ideas found on the Incubator, but organized in a more manageable book format. It’s still in the planning stages, but we’re aiming to publish it online in September and hopefully in hard copy format by next spring! What do you want to see in the book?

Helping sort out self-help

We were recently approached to review a book on the Incubator and it arrived in the mail today, so within the next few weeks you should see that review, hopefully the first of many, online. We know there are a ton of “How to get a job” books out there, so we want to help students and recent grads figure out which ones apply to them.

That’s just some of the exciting news and progress we’ve made over the past month or two. Stay tuned for even more amazing things from TalentEgg!

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